Additional Information


We are experts in carrying out electrical maintenance and have worked with a variety of clients from both domestic and commercial. We ensure all our staff are trained in the most up to date health and safety techniques and have built up their knowledge to cover a wide range of maintenance issues. Carrying out regular maintenance is important not only for commercial clients bound by regulations but also for the safety of domestic homes. Carrying out maintenance is also required with things such as electric supplied fire alarms to ensure they are working correctly when malfunctioning they can cause other issues such as noise at random times. Some of the most common things we solve when carrying out property electrical maintenance include:

  • Flickering lighting
  • Loss of power supply
  • New consumer unit
  • Over heating cables and connections
  • Tripping circuit breakers or a blowing fuse


  • Complete adherence to Health & Safety
  • Quick diagnosis of the problem
  • Fast results – we won’t leave you without power for more than a few hours
  • Absolute respect for your property